I'm coming to Vancouver for work in a few months and I always like to check out potential new guitar purchases when I'm overseas.

Can someone familiar with the area let me know what stores are good, particular for used items and also where can I find private listings for guitars, like Craiglist or Gumtree?

Thanks all.
Going to Vancouver, stop at the Amsterdam Café first then start looking for a guitar
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Head over to the AgileGuitarForum (dot com), look up a member named Davewrites and ask him. He's in Vancouver, and graciously helped me snag a gorgeous little Agile AD-2300 via a PSA on the site. He then picked up the guitar, boxed it up and shipped it to me! In the process we both discovered at least one interesting guitar store (and tech) just OUTSIDE Vancouver (still in Canada) that you might find interesting. At a guess, he'll be able to point you at some great places in Seattle as well. He's now a committed family man (new baby in January), so he will NOT be able to point you at Vancouver's world-famous strip clubs. *ahem*

While there, I suggest you check out Salt Spring Island. Just gorgeous.