Following the release of the first bass amp for ReValver 4, the Hangar18 LH1000, modelled after David Ellefson's amp, we have released new bass gear in the Peavey ReValver Amp Store!
Peavey Liberator JT-84 Input ACT library: Designed by Peavey and John Taylor of Duran Duran and only produced in a limited run. The Liberator's dual passive humbucking pickups in the bridge and mid positions cover the tonal gamut.
Promise EQ: Carve out your signature tones with this dual channel bass EQ featuring a parametric mid control.
Peavey TVX 410: A road legend endorsed by countless touring bassists. This front-ported 4x10 enclosure features four 10 inch Sheffield\xc2\xae bass speakers and a horn-loaded tweeter.
Peavey Pro 410: Peavey Pro 410 is a cab that can be used in the RIR2 module. To make proper use of this cab, RIR2 should already be licensed.
All available in the Amp Store now: https://revalver.peavey.com