Hey folks,

Trying newer styles again as per, thought I'd try my hand at a track that was heavily inspired by the likes of Miles Davis' modal stuff (Kind of Blue-era). Had two of my friends play on this one (drums + trumpet) which was a good change to the horrible programmed stuff I use normally.

Wrote the track and played all the instruments - bar the piano which was written (very meticulously) in GP5 then exported to a nice piano sampler in Reason, opinions on how this sounds would be good - but any critique wouldn't go amiss!

C4C as usual, write me a comment and I'll get back to you with one of similar lengthyness!


Hey there,

From listening to this track, it seems like you have a great thing going here. I see from the description that there were multiple musicians involved in the recording. The playing here is all very facile and fluid.

On to the specific moments that really caught my attention:

0:00-0:15 - That intro! Loved it. The snare came in at the perfect time and didn't over-power the melody.

0:27 - I see trumpets as such a majestic albeit loud instrument, but there was clearly some restraint put on it here. Sometimes I forget how dynamic of a range instruments really have. There's some true musicianship here.

1:40 - The piano solo was lovely and very subtle. This fit the rest of the track very well.

2:07 - This time the trumpet comes a bit stronger, more boldly.

That was a very cool, laid-back track you have. I hope you guys collaborate more as I hear some very good chemistry here.

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Jesus that intro. Excellent. Great snare sound.

The phrasing of rhythm guitar is spot on, along with some lovely trumpet playing. I feel as if although the trumpets overpower literally everything else in the mix, compared to how quite the piano is compared to it, however this is just personal opinion.

The phrasing of the trumpets is excellent however. Instrumentation used is excellent. Production overall is killer. Jesus this makes me want to cry how much better it is than my stuff haha.

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I never would have guessed you do stuff like this. I don't listen to loads of jazz, but I do like some Miles Davis (my wife used to listen to it). I'm amazed you used GP5 on this at all (take that as a compliment), even if no GP5 audio is there. Most of the piano sounds very good to me. The trumpet sounds very realistic if it's a synth. Good trumpet melodies. Maybe Miles Davis would have played it better on a real trumpet, but he is a stand-out trumpet player. Once in awhile you hit notes that are a bit discordant for me (piano), but not unusual for jazz. Drums are nice. It sounded better on the second listen for me. Please review my music at this link:

Aw yiss, I am a huge fan of Miles Davis. Blue in Green is my favourite from the Kind of Blue album. So I definitely had to check this out:

I love the mellowness yet complexity to it. The intro came in strong, and the band plays very well together. You have some great chemistry there. I love the piano work on it too. I can definitely hear the Miles Davis influence on this, and wish I had a band to play some modern Jazz with.

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Hey brutha

It begins nicely, mellow and draws you in. The trumpet line is nice and melodic. Personally I get the feeling that its wanting to build a little more, but it remains restrained. I like the piano interlude, it provides a nice break from the trumpet and when the trumpet returns the song has a feeling of roundness to it. The outro just after the second trumpet line is my favourite part, it feels like the atmopshere was wholly achieved in that section

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Typing as I listen:

The ride cymbal sounds so good, but I can't help but feel that the snare could have been brightened up slightly. Really soothing introduction to the piece though, I liked it. The trumpet sounds really nice, although I think in places it could have benefited from a touch of compression. Personally I really like the piano sound! This is a really solid modern take on the jazz of that era. The drums are really well recorded, which is fairly rare these days haha. The track has that beautiful paradox of being complexly simple, which makes it an overall killer piece.

Nice work!

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:/ i'm not really feeling this trumpet solo. it doesn't sound very confident and the note choice is kind of boring. the first few notes also sound out of key and not in a good way. i can't really hear the changes in the solo either. the sound is also a little bit too bright which doesn't quite fit with the mellow feeling of the track.

however the drums are performed and recorded fantastically. i like how dynamic the piano comping parts are and the piano solo. i would like to hear the guitar comping change it up from just arpeggiating the chords because it gets a little monotonous. i guess with two rhythm instruments it can get a little busy, but maybe you could throw in some block chords for the guitar and play off the piano rhythm. my personal preference for bass is busier but i like what you did with the bass anyways. i think you could bring it up more in the mix too. i really like what you did with the rhythm track, i just think the trumpet solo isn't the same quality as the rest of it

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