I'm a guitarist, been playing for nearly 20 years.
I have always been in original bands playing mostly rock and metal but do like to be play the odd ballad or funky tracks as well as blues.
I'm looking to join a new band and start from the beginning.
I have my car and my own equipment.
I am happy to rehearse pretty much anywhere as long as I can get there in time.
I am not opposed to learning songs be they covers or originals.
I am happy to play as many gigs as possible and to be as flexible as possible.

I'd like to ideally be in an original three-piece band.
I have found this type of band to be very free sonically.

I'm 35, slightly balding and a little round.
But I play fast and drink well.

Oh and I can do vocals....well kinda yell in key.
Tracks and songs I have done in the past I can forward on if you want to hear me first.

Anyways I like being in a band and want to get back out there.

Do me a solid and drop us a line. I'd be very grateful.

Cheers James (doesn't want to be a bedroom guitarist)
What genre?? I'm into power, symphonic metal, vocalist. Did you found already a band ?