So I've pretty much settled on either an Egnater Renegade or a Peavey JSX. Yes, they are both apples and oranges, and they do different things. I know this, I've played both, and there is a voicing I like that works for the genres I play. Now, I've also been used to having some kind of distortion pedal to fall back on. I foresee situations where I have to use the backline amps, especially overseas. I'm looking for something to keep permanently on my board for either a different flavor of gain or a backup. It will be used for modern alternative and heavy rock and needs to sound tight with decent levels of gain. I'll probably have to use this pedal pretty frequently into a clean amp until my amps are finally settled. Suggestions? New or used, I don't care. Price range preferably not higher than $140.
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I've just recently heard the Lovepedal COT50 on a demo. It's another one of the "distortion to a clean/crappy amp" kind of thing, along with the Suhr Riot. Both you would probably have to find used.
The Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde V2 is a dual OD/Dist worth considering.

The V2 is discontinued, but the V3 version from the renamed TrueTone will be out there too.

Another OD/Dist to look at is Red Witch's Famulus. A more powerful (and pricier) pedal it can be found used for just a little bit over your budget.
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