Hello, I am building an amp that uses 2 6L6GC tubes for 50w and need to know whats the ballpark range for the bias supply. the plate voltage is 424V the bias supply I have designed supplies -35.6V to -55.4V.
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Have a look at the Fender Amp Field guide, they have links to schematics and board layouts for most of the Fender tube amps, any of the amps in the 50 watt range are usually two 6L6 power tubes. My Super Reverb is 45 watts, AA 270 schematic, they have the files for it. It says 435-437 volts at pins 4 and 3 of the power tubes.


The Ampwares electronics forums has a great bunch of guys who build and work on tube amps daily, they can tell you just about anything you want to know, most of them are electronics technicians, while I can barely spell it...

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It also depends on the impedance of your output transformer and how hot/cold you want to bias it, but -35 to -55 is in the ballpark. I'd make it adjustable, that way you should be fine regardless.
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