Hey all,

I have a Jackson RR1 with Dunlop Flush-mount Straplocks at the minute, but after having a different Dunlop set fail on me on a different guitar, as well as just personally finding Schaller locks better for me, I'm looking to switch my guitars over to Schallers as much as I can. The only guitar I'm hesitant to do anything with is the RR1, just because the current straplocks are flush-mount and take up a lot more space in the body of the guitar.

I'm sure I could take the flush-mounts out and fill the gap with some kind of wood plug or something to attach a new Schaller to and hopefully the washer would cover the work, but I'm a MAJOR stickler for appearances, and even something as tiny as the paint around the straplock not being perfect really bothers me. I know it's petty, but I like my gear to be as mint as humanly possible.

So, I suppose my question to you knowledgeable people is this: is it possible to convert a Dunlop Flush-mount equipped guitar to take Schaller straplocks and have the work not be noticeable?

Thanks for any help guys
A question like this is probably better suited to going in Guitar Building & Customising, not saying that it being here is necessarily wrong, I just reckon that the people there will be more likely to be able to give you good answers!
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The recessed style Duncans would have to be pulled and the hole plugged if you want to use Schallers. The plugs will probably be noticeable unless you do a great job of matching the finish.

If your locks on the RR haven't failed yet, then I wouldn't bother replacing them. Especially if appearance is very important to you.
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That's a mod I wouldn't attempt on such an expensive guitar. (Even if I wasn't a perfectionist.)

Schallers wear too, by the way. I would seriously not recommend for any guitar that has the pins at an angle (Les Paul and similar) - they wear heavily when you get any kind of friction on the pin. And with the RR, you will get that big pin aimed at your body - not exactly ideal comfort, is it?
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Fair enough, thanks for stopping me from trying something potentially stupid!
The only way I've ever seen a Dunlop fail is if you don't click the lock all the way in. When they get older you need to spray some lube on them or you can experience it pulling out.

I use Dunlop and Schaller with no issues and the strap locks are well over 10yrs old
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I have never seen a Dunlop fail for any reason other than user error. Keep the things clean and give a quick tug on each end once inserted. That style of attachment is used in many industries and shouldn't be a concern.