I have a Kurt Cobain Mustang Left Handed Electric guitar and have been trying to learn lefty but it's ****ing hard so I was thinking of switching it to righty so I can have more fun playing it, but I noticed that the bridge saddle is angled a bit and was wondering if this will need to be reset to make it right handed. I was also wondering why it is angled since it has an adjust-o-matic bridge, which should be able to compensate for the necessary angle with its individual saddles; it's straight on my jazzmaster, though it's a slightly different AOM bridge, different pole pieces in the body. Also, how should I go about screwing in a new strap button on the other side? Could I just screw it in, or should I pre-drill a small hole, or something else? I don't want to make a long crack in the finish or something.
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They're angled because the range of the Adjustomatic is relatively small, it basically just ensures that the necessary saddle positions fall within the adjustment range of the bridge. I'm tempted to say you'll likely end up not having enough range if you flip the strings with the bridge in that position. If you can reverse the tilt of that bridge, go for it.

I'm not sure if it's necessary, but pilot holes for screws are always a good idea in my experience. Just a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw in diameter, drilled to the same depth the screw will need to go, and you should be golden. That's always your best bet to avoid damaging either the wood or the finish.
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