Good day everyone,
I have weird problem with guitar, it has a lot of noise/buzzing when connected to amp and whenever I touch the pickup switch the noise disappears.
I guess it has something to do with wiring. Any suggestions or ideas what is actually happening ?
Thanks for all your answers.

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It's not grounded properly. Open it up and look for any loose wire, resolder as needed, and clean the electronics while you're at it.
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+1 grounding issue.
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Whenever I hear issues and touching the selector switch makes it go away I always suggest spraying contact cleaner into the switch and work it for a few. I have an old SG that gave me all sorts of issues and it was just a dirty switch.

If you had said the noise goes away when you touch the bridge or strings I'd agree a grounding issue somewhere (between the pickups and input plug on the amp). I start with cleaning everything before I start tearing into the wiring.
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I agree start with contact cleaner. If it was a ground issue it would do the same thing when you touch the bridge or strings.
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Hello guys, im with the same problem...the eletronic expert guy from my town just did all the guitar eletric part again and used silver tape..grounded everything but im having a shit noise...any good tutorial or diagram to check it out? its two humbuckers and two tone knobs
Good chance it could be a grounding issue. As someone else mentioned, though, it would do the same thing if you touched the bridge or strings.

Try with some contact cleaner, and if that doesn't work, check out the wiring. If you're not comfortable with wiring, take it to someone.
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