Hi All,

first time posting - and can only post here for now.

I am an adult learner - absolute beginner - I went out and purchased a Marshall DSL - 5C and an Ibanez TS9. Problem = as soon as I plug the pedal in a get massive MASSIVE buzz and hum, basically I cannot use the pedal.

It is the same in both channels classic gain and ultra gain!! What's going on?

Is this because the amp is already being driven too hard before I put the TS9 into the loop? Even when the levels are turned all the way down there is still a good level of buzz - if you crack it open even a pinch it sounds like it will blow my amp.

Also tried it through the effects loop - same problem.

Any suggestions?? I am playing a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard and everything works fine with my cry baby, BOSS chorus and BOSS distortion pedals.

Any thoughts or comments would be very much appreciated.

All the best,