Okay so ive got my self a Peavey Raptor Plus EXP..
Its essentially a beginners guitar (priced around £70 & £100 depending where you buy)
Once i got the intonation and the neck adjusted, i couldnt believe the sounds i was getting out of it.

if i were to sell this guitar. realistically im only looking at £25 to £40 if im lucky.
Because of the dual humbucker at the bridge (a fairy unique setup, reminiscent of eddie vanhalens early cowboy potching)
I was thinking of giving it the eddie paint job for re-sale... would this add value if done nicely or just remain the same?

Thanks in advance,

Its the one with the black finnish and white scratch/pic guard if that makes a difference at all?
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First of all, welcome!

As for your query, I very highly doubt that it will raise the value of the guitar, it's most likely to devalue it even more.
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i was hoping, that with it being a very low end guitar, making it look "pretty" would increase its sale-abilty..
to me, the black finnish is so bland and plain.. and the eddie frankenstrat is just such an amazing peice of guitar artistry.. i mean, seriously, you could sell me a house as long as it had that paint job LOL..
alas.. i appreciate your advice, maybe when it comes to re-selling it.. leaving it standard might just help.. and thanks again for your reply Pastafarian96

I mean.. im not looking to make a frankenstrat replica, just really hate that black paint job.. surely a nicer paint job would aid its re-sale?
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hmm, you might be able to sell it quicker, but not for better money. If you want to try and get money back on it don't paint, if you want to keep a pretty but gimmicky guitar, paint it.

EDIT: Unless of course you do a really, really good job of painting it, you might be able to sell it on as an ornamental piece.
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Well, it depends.

If you're selling it by yourself (i.e. not to a store), it could raise the value, but that depends on how you market it. You'd get more selling it yourself either way, really. The stores are going to give you 40% of the used value at best. They have to make a profit too.

If you're selling it to the store, I would imagine that it'd actually decrease value. IME, even swapping out parts for better parts ends up in a lower value. The stores want it to be in the condition it was in when you bought it, so a new paint job, however good, isn't going to make it worth more to them.

That being said, bringing in a guitar with brand new strings, a proper setup, and clean will get you far more from the store (and if you were to sell it on your own). If I'm selling something back to a store, I make sure to clean the **** out of it and get it in the best working condition. It gives the impression that I truly take care of my gear, which is less work for them and allows a store to resell it at a higher price.
Thank you guys for your help.
i think ultimately, the paint job was more of a personal preference, rather than thinking of what a potential buyer might want. and after looking at what the guitar is worth 2nd hand, i think im just gonna spray her up and keep her.
it is a seriously well made piece of kit for its price range. the only think i would swap out on it would be throwing a floyd rose in there.. but then the price of having one fitted, could easily buy a new guitar.. so.. yeah.. thanks again for your help guys muchos gracias gringos