I installed an EMG 81 in the bridge right after Christmas and want to have a complete set. I'm between the 85 and 60 and I mainly play thrash, death, and industrial metal. Which one would you suggest? I play both rhythm and lead using a guitar with a basswood body
60 or 60X will be great if you ever want really nice, warm clean tones. 85 is almost too harsh. Some people use it as a bridge pickup.
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I'm guessing this is going to be a personal decision on what tone you actually want.

As far as thrash goes with neck pickups, Metallica used the 60 most of the time and lead (Rob) for Death Angel has guitars with 60, HA, and H. Check out EMG's site to see a list of artists on the 60 - Cradle of Filth, Machine Head, Parkway Drive, Shadows Fall, Trivium, etc.

I think you'll find mostly the 85 and 60 though. It should be easy to try out an 85 on another guitar at a shop and you may get lucky with a 60 in something.

89X is also becoming popular (85 with coil splitting).

I'd call around and if you can find a place that has guitars with both, drag your guitar and setup and try them out. If you go this route I'd be prepared to actually buy the pickup from that shop instead of online.
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i personally prefer the 60. i only have two EMG guitars, a gibson SG with dual 81's and a charvel with 81 and 60.
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