Hello again!

I just wanted to run something by you guys and see what your opinions on this matter is, so see this more like a discussion thread if anything. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and it would be great to get others thoughts on this.

So lately i have been very self-concussions about my playing since i am going to start studying at a music school this fall (from August 17th to May 27th). So i have been thinking a lot about the areas of my playing i am least satisfied with at the moment, which is my technique, mainly in regards of tempo. (I know i should forget about speed and let it develop naturally, but seeing other players i know being able to play three times the tempo i am able to just hammers the topic back into my head)

So i was practicing the other day and i noticed something i haven't thought about before. Now, i am mainly an afro-oriented guitarist. I like funk, blues, fusion and jazz and that kind of music, so i started doing this thing a while ago since i learned that all jazz greats did it, at least to some extent. This thing was singing everything i played, so i have been singing through solos i have been transcribing, singing through chords, melodies etc. The thing is, i have started noticing that everything i can sing, i can play at a much higher tempo than anything else.

For example, i can't comfortably (and for me that means totally relaxed and accurately) play through anything over 100bpm (sixteenth notes) most of the time. But some of these bebop lines i have been singing for the past week(s), i can get up to 150-160 without a problem. And this is what i find weird, when i am playing something i can't sing i am very conscious about both my hands, but when i am playing these things it often seems like my hands just vanish (i don't feel any tension at all, sometimes not even movement) and i can just breeze through the phrase.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with this? Hal Galper (Jazz pianist) mentions the same thing in this masterclass right here. (1:45 and onward)

interesting video. have to give this some more thought. can't say i sing things out but that is an interesting idea.
I done something similar, and I don't necessarily sing the notes. But I found that if I know a passage or solo well enough that I could sing it(although i'm not a great singer, and I'd often be off key), then I can usually play it no problem. Its hard for me to explain, but I think its very similar to what you are talking about. The reason for this, I believe, is that speed is not necessarily a product of your fingers as it is your mind's ability to completely understand the progression of notes well enough to mentally replicate the exact sound of it played at faster speeds.

Its like fast rapping, where it becomes easy to rap fast when you know the lyrics extremely well. Oftentimes, we may think we know something well, but it will break down when trying to mentally process it at faster speeds.

Of course this isn't 100% the case, as you have to develop adequate muscle memory and economy of motion to play very fast licks and phrases.

Anyways, I may be off base here, but this is what I took from your post.
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