Hi Yall,

I want your input on this set up.
Currently, I run a 5150 combo with a noise suppressor and tubescreamer.
I have an MXR 108-ten band EQ that i want to throw into the mix.

What are your ideas on this?
Do you think it will let me mold my sound more?
Will it counteract with the tubescreamer?
Create extra feedback?
I use a visual sound 1 spot power supply for the pedals and would have to use the MXR 108's own power supply since it requires more voltage.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve it might be best to put it in the fx loop, especially to make it sound a bit better at lower volumes using the EQ gain controls.

If you're talking about the peavey 5150 that is.
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MXR 10-bands go together with 5150s/6505s like peas and carrots. Put it in the effects loop.
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So how would you recommend to plug these pedals into the fx loop.
currently i go i plug my guitar into the TS9 -->noise suppressor--> fx loops and amp.
Should the mxr be the pedal that goes through the fx loop. What order?

TS9 > amp input > effects out > EQ > noise gate > effects in
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The eq may even help you tame feedback. I envy your setup man, keep rocking
EQ's are a very good weapon in your arsenal. they can do quite a bit in the loop.
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You can also try ANOTHER ONE as a boost in front to change your sound, could possibly be used in place of the overdrive.


What's better than the MXR 10-band? Two MXR 10-bands...
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