Hello everyone, first post here hope to get some replies

Anyway, been playing electric guitar for a few years and im stuck in a bit of a rut on what songs to learn. I have tried writing my own music as well and while it has been successful I would still like to learn songs to add to my library.

I generally like most types of metal and hard rock from 70's - 00's and most genres of modern metal. I would say my skill range is around intermediate as can play Metallica - Enter Sandman and some Iron Maiden for example.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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The earlier stuff by Metallica isn't too hard to play, and it sounds really great. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Fade To Black , and Master of Puppets are some good ones. Megadeth has some good songs also, Symphony of Destruction, A Tout Le Monde, In My Darkest Hour etc... The solos are difficult, but not impossible. Hope this helps, and happy playing

Good bands, good songs. I will have a look, Thanks!
I'm assuming you're into Rock and Metal

Sad But True
Metal Militia
Creeping Death
The Call Of Ktulu
Fight Fire With Fire
The Four Horsemen
The Unforgiven

Diamond Head
Am I Evil
Lightning To The Nations
Sucking My Love
In The Heat Of The Night

The Spirit Of The Radio
Fly By Night
Before And After

Led Zeppelin
Communication Breakdown
Immigrant Songs
Since I've been loving you
In My Time Of Dying
Achilles Last Stand
The Wanton Song
The Lemon Song
I Can't Quit You Baby(Zeppelin Version)
Whole Lotta Love
How Many More Times

And Many More
If you tune half a step down I've got a video on youtube of 10 great melodic rock songs tuned half a step down.


Dont Cry
Loaded and Alone
King Nothing
Hell Raising Women
Aint Talkin Bout Love
Talk Dirty To Me
Prison Of Love
Bad Lovin
Rock Or Bust

If you tune standard id recommend
Rock you like a hurricane - Scorpions
Crazy train - Ozzy
Photograph -Def Leppard
No one like you - Scorpions
Mannequin show - Heat
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