I have a Marshall JVM410HJS and i am wanting to record directly out of the head and into my laptop, using software similar to Garageband. I have always recorded with microphones so i am new to this. Can someone please tell me how to do this step by step? not just in general, but specific directions for my amp. Here is a link to the manual in case you need to look at the specs http://www.marshallamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/JVM410HJS-ENG.pdf

Thanks in Advance!!!
Do you have an audio interface? Plug a cable from the emulated line out of the amp to the interface. Boom, done.
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which jack is the emulated line out on the head? i own a M-Audio fast track but have never used it
oops i had not noticed lol, thanks guys i'll give it a try. stupid question i know...
Don't expect great results from that. Those usually sound like crap.

If you want to use your amp quietly, I would suggest picking up a Mesa Cab Clone or a Suhr Reactive Load.
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Read the manual - sometimes disconnecting speaker while recording direct on tube amps might damage the amp.

It might be better to capture the fx send of the amp and use speaker emulation software, some free options avaliable like LePou where you can upload better speaker emulations than what Marshall uses on the line out.

Another option and probably best considering price/performace - isolation cabinet which you mic up.