I looked all over, it for 100% sure is not a dk27, I own one of those.

The thing that gets me is the reverse headstock with no inlays.

I don't want someone to confuse his with mine if I ever sell mine (probably wont but...)

He says it's a baritone 27 scale, I called Fender they say" idk bruh sorry, older than 2002 we don't know."

I'd like to give the guy decent info, and a chance to sell it for what it is, not what it is not.
idk bruh sorry
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What I find odd is the way the volume knob, pickup selector, and tone knob are placed in a straight line like that. The only other Jacksons I've seen with that set up are the Kelly models. The inlay thing is kinda bugging me too, no inlays wasn't all that popular until these last few years, I'd imagine very few models from the 90's or early 2000's featured a fretboard with no inlays.
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Bolt-on means Dinky. The 9 serial number means Japanese. The lack of inlays could be because it was a limited edition like the seller says, perhaps for a store or some such thing, which is why it may not be easy identifying the exact model. What reverse headstock? Even if it had a reverse headstock, there are plenty of reverse headstock Dinkys made in Japan, like the DKMG. The neck does look long so I don't have any reason to doubt the 27". The toggle switch is less common but the knobs are usually in a straight line in Japanese Dinkys.
I'm a little skeptical on this one. I have a 6 string Dinky with the SN starting with 97 and it's from 2005 - 2006 time frame.

Dig through the old Jackson catalogs on their website and see if you can find a match. That's how I identified both my MIJs.

The upper horn looks off and there is no scalloping of either horn going into the neck on the front of the body but I have an arch top.

Mine has a fender style blade selector switch but my Kelly has a toggle.

The tone knob is also rather far back. I have the afterburner in mine so 3 knobs and the last knob is just a hair before the strings go through the body.

Also my string through line is offset not even like the picture.

I'm not sure on that painted neck either. Mine and at least most were wood finished back then on the Dinkies I believe.

If you're cool with the dings, they aren't asking that much. I paid about $400 for mine years ago but it was in way better shape. So I'm leaning towards not a Jackson until you can find one in a catalog but maybe look at this as "is the guitar worth the price without Jackson on the headstock". If it is to you then buy it. I'd ask for a few pics down the neck though and also showing the action.
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I don't want to buy it, I want the guy to edit his listing and take off DK27, his add devalues my guitar at first sight lol. I own a DK27 baritone 6 string with hzs after burner pre amp. with 27" scale, etc., I've had a few people question my guitar based on this add. So I am searching to find out what his is.
No, however if I was to, and they saw this probable knock off sell as mine, then discrepancies arise,