Currently playing 7 string RG7321(changed pickups), which i love. I've had it for 6 years. I want to get a new one, a 6 string guitar. What caught my eye was the LTD EXP360, but it s way over my budget. Price is above 700 euros and that's a shitload of money for me. I've read a few older topics here on UG where the EX360 was discussed, most of the people saying that LTD's below the 400 model mark are crap. How could a rather expensive guitar be crap? Unfortunately, there's no music shops near where i live, so i can't test it out.
Also, i ve seen the new X series' Jackson DKXT dinky, which is afordable. Also the Epiphone Explorer seems a cheaper alternative.

I'd love the EXP but I'm open to other alternatives. I want low action, fixed bridge and reliability.
And again, why is the EXP 360 crappy?
haven't played that particular model but overall i find LTD guitars to be pretty good even on the lower end.
Well that 360 is the highest model of that shape for LTD. The necks are pretty similar between the LTD and the Dinky (Jackson uses a compound radius that is rounder at the nut and flatter at the upper frets) but it's not a drastic feeling between the two for thickness.

Can't comment on the Epi neck.

Comparing an Explorer and superstat shape isn't really apples to apples. Have you played and liked both shapes? The feeling is very different sitting.

How about a Kelly?

Can you go used?
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I liked all of the ltd's i played, but i havent had a chance to play any of the ex models. Im assuming they are pretty good as well. Even the low end models seem very good in the ltd line, so i think that the 360 is pretty much up there on the level with the 400 series.

On the other hand i played two epi explorers, and one of them was mine, and they both sucked. Maybe it was just me, but i wouldnt recomend those. Some people seem to like them tho...
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