So when I go to do vibrato, both normally and on a bent note, I find that my guitar shakes up and down pretty considerably. I feel that this is not conducive to getting the most control over my vibrato, and I find that when I watch a lot of players with really great vibrato, their guitar necks remain almost completely still no matter how aggressively they are applying vibrato. Yet, try as I might, I can't eliminate the shaking. Any tips?
Hmm, I've never had this problem, but I will assume you are using way too much arm in your motions. Perhaps focus on smaller, more efficient motion with your wrist instead? I can't be more helpful than that without seeing exactly what you're doing.
Hold the neck of your guitar and keep it in place while doing your bends. Your fingers should do most of the work. I use my wrist to swivel my finger. That's the only advice I can really give to stop it from moving too much. How about taking a video so we can see how you bend, maybe we can locate a problem.
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