Hi everybody.

I just recently started recording own music (mostly riffs with some drums on it). However I always feel like something is missing/wrong in my recordings. Can you guys give me some tips om how to improve?

I'll leave my most recent recording here for you to listen:
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I think you too should post in the appropriate section - either the original recordings section or the crit my mix thread.

Most obvious thing is that the playing is sub par - guitar isn't on time with the drums.

Apart from that, you're lacking a bass and a good guitar sound.
Not that your guitar sound wouldn't work in any genre, tho if you think something's missing then you likely wanna change it.
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Oh I'm sorry, wasn't sure where to post this since it's not really a full song I'm posting.
I re-recorded the guitar to fit the drums better (changed the link in the first post).
when I need feed back I turn on two distortion pedals and my amps distortion at the same time and crank em up. Then point your guitar towards the amp as you play. It should feedback nicely for you.