Hi! So I have a problem with my takamine. First of all, I kind of love it. It is with me for about ten years, his sound is great, and it feels great. Anyway, the problem is with the eletric part. I don't know what is wrong with it and no one can fix it.

First, it had a humming sound. Now it is fixed, but the soung just isn't the same. Only the first and second strings (E and B) are working properly. So I was thinking in get a whole new PickUp.

I would REALLY love to have the Fishman Matrix Infinity, but I need something cheaper. So I was looking after PickUps like Seymour Duncan Woody, Fishman Neo-D Passive and Fender ACP-1.

I need opinions. These cheaper PickUps work fine without pre-amp? Are they worthy? They will improve the sound of my Takamine EG-320c or will it be a downgrade? Or maybe, anyone knows a cheaper alternative for Fishman Matrix Infinity? Thanks!