So, I just got what seems to be an incredible score, a 1968 drip edge Pro Reverb in good condition with an eminence cannabis rex and a reverend all tone 1250 in it. Thing plays incredibly well. I hear little to no buzz during play, except for a low click when the vibrato is off and im not playing (wondering if I can fix that?). The EQ and Vibrato/Reverb are extremely responsive. The breakup past 4 is one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard and I can't believe its coming out my guitar. And I only paid $800 for it, which from what I've heard, is pretty cheap considering the condition.

There are a few things I want to know about it though. Just to clarify, because it has the drip edge, it is for sure one of the Silverface pro's with the Blackface specs, correct? Aside from the speakers, I have reason to believe everything else is stock. However, the reverb tank was replaced, which from what I've heard is not as desirable as the original. The amp sounds amazing as is, and I'm not sure if I could make it better, but are there any common mods that should be done on all pro reverbs? Or what mods would you recommend. Preferably reversible or minimally intrusive. The only thing I would say, is that with the hot rail bridge pickup on my tele, the treble can get a little too bitey.

Also, it didn't come with a footswitch. How hard are those to find/can I use something else?

Im pretty new to vintage fenders so I would appreciate a brief run down of any important things I would need to know about this amp, as well as your opinion on the choice of speakers. Are there better combinations that would be good to try?

If you like how the amp sounds I would recommend not modding it. Especially since it's mostly stock. If you're having to radically modify an amp to get a sound you're looking for then IMO you bought the wrong amp.

AFAIK, the drip edge Fenders were mostly still BF designs (up until mid/late 69-70 IIRC) but it really depends on the model. Fender also wasn't very consistent so there's examples of later SF amps with BF circuits and even earlier Drip Edge models that were all SF. The only way you'll really be able to tell is taking a peek inside of it.

I'm not a super expert on Fenders though, so if I made some mistakes hopefully somebody will correct me.
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i wouldn't mod it personally, what i wold do would be to find a original speaker, or a good clone of one.
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