Will these parts work for completely rewiring an epiphone Les Paul standard?


Im buying 4 of these. I looked at the CTS, but I really dont want widen the holes in my epi so im going with these. Does anyone know if they'll fit? Ive heard they will. Also, will I need new knobs?


I only need two of these, correct?


This should fit in my epiphone

I already have a switchcraft pickup selector, although I still need to install it.

What do I need in terms of wire? (What kind and how much)

Im going for 50s wiring, in case that changes anything.

Is there anything else I might need?

Also, would you recommend buying all these parts individually or just going with this kit

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I don’t think those Alpha pots are right. Usually if pots don’t specifically say they’re Epiphone/Asian spec then they’re American spec and won’t fit an Epi. Alpha makes both and most sellers only carry American spec and don’t say so just to be confusing. Try contacting Stewmac and ask them if they have Asian spec pots. I recently went through this şhit and ended up buying pots on eBay and the aşshole sent a long shaft volume and short shaft tone, so if you buy on eBay as the seller what he’s actually selling.

As for the caps, yes, you need two.

That wiring kit is for American guitars. The pots shouldn’t fit an Epi.
As a note, enlarging the holes for pots is extremely easy. Get a good reamer from a hardware store (about $5) and go nice and slow and you can enlarge it enough for a non-metric pot. And you can use a metric pot with the enlarged hole if you need to, it'll just a little sloppy. I've done it several times now.

Man, that entire paragraph just sounds dirty. But seriously, a reamer and being careful and not rushing will work fine. So get whatever pots you want. You'll just want short shaft pots for an Epi, but even long shaft will probably work, you just have to use one of the nuts they tend to come with to set the depth.
Oh, and I just noticed your link to the kit. Those tend to be a little cheaper than buying all the parts separately, I'd get one of those. Has the advantage of also including all the wire you'll need.
I put this kit in my Epi LP Honeyburst


As mentioned, the pots will be Imperial vs the stock Metric. Not much trouble enlarging the holes to fit.
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