*sigh* Billy Corgan forgt the suntan lotion again.

jokes aside, cool :y:
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
I can't believe i'm spending my day off on UG it's currently 1:30 AM right now. Anyways back to the topic at hand here... Music is my life I literally eat, breathe, dream, sleep, and shit it. It's what I live to do, and I really couldn't imagine myself doing anything else honestly. Having a normal job just wouldn't be fulfilling to me. You could offer me a 7 figure salary offering me to quit music, and I'd have to kindly decline. The feeling it gives me is indescribable!

No matter how much money I've made in my life it hasn't even come close to what music has given me. During the darkest times of my life the guitar was there for me, and has provided me with nothing but joy; even when I was broke as hell. It's just something I couldn't live without, it's apart of me I guess.