I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I play many styles, mostly rock, metal and acoustic fingerpicking. Over the last five years, I seem to be going back and forth between two different ways to hold the guitar pick. First, the standard way, where you play the string with the pointy end of the pick. The second is playing the string with one of the corner ends ( so that the pointy end is pointing upwards ). There are some noticabeable differences between the two methods. First, using the pick the standard way, the notes are played loud and clearly, but it is awkward to pick rapid notes on the same string, or to move from string to string, and is best for strumming chords. The second method ( using the side of the pick ), the notes are slightly less audible ( like when someone mumbles when they talk ), but it is far easier to play notes rapidly and to move from string to string, and is commonly used in heavy metal guitar playing. I've recently been switching back and forth depending on what style of music I play.

i believe whatever feels comfortable and sounds right is the best way for that particular person. in your case you have 2 best ways.

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It doesn't really matter the way you hold, the guitar pick.. I hold the pick with my index, middle, and thumb so all together that's 3 fingers (If you want to count the thumb as a finger). If you want to play a certain way, and get the most out of it then yeah the way you hold the pick, and pick is important. All in all if your goals don't meet to a certain standard then it doesn't matter. Some people hybrid pick some people pick with their thumb or fingers in general.
Ah ok, actually I meant what side of a pick to use, not how to hold it physically with your fingers... :-)
Doesn't this come down to what shape your pick is, what is it made of and how thick is it? There so much variations.
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Yup, thin ones are great for strumming acoustic. Thick ones are great for rock and jazz. But even that isn't a rule, for someone it could be the other way around. I guess it all depends on personal preference....
U should hold the pick the way you find the most comfortable but it's good if you hold it about 60 degree relative to the strings so that there will be less friction between the pick and the string and you'll find it
much easier to play fast....
. Also you can leave the middle, fourth and pinky fingers freely suspend because it will be easier for you to play hybrid or chicken picking for country music.!!
It should come down to preference and sound. If it sounds good its good.