I am looking for an amp modelling vst for windows. anything comparable to BIAS on Mac? I have tried guitar rig 5, pod farm, kefir, poulin, etc. any suggestions I can try out?
Thank you.

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Dont they have BIAS for windows too? Depending on if you get the professional version or not, BIAS can be a little expensive (in terms of modelling software goes). Revalver is really good and can be really cheap (unless your like me and have to have ALL of the simulations lol). it sounds good though- i use it to record often
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I've demoed a bunch of them and I like Amplitube the most, which I just use with headphones when I'm learning new songs (sounds good through studio monitors as well) . The ENGL Powerball and Marshall sims are very good, and the various cab options are excellent. The software is free and before you buy specific amps/cabs/effects you can demo them with no restrictions for a couple days. Can't beat that. I tried a ton of the BIAS patches and didn't see any reason for the hype. They're decent but not better than Amplitube in my opinion.