So I've had my Strat for about 7 years and I'm just now noticing a sustain issue I have on the G-string at the 13th fret. This is the only place it happens. But whenever I play that note, the fundamental quickly dies and the harmonics take over. But overall, the sustain of the note is only about 2 seconds (less than half of what I get everywhere else). This doesn't happen with any of the other G#s even of the same pitch. I've never had to sustain a G# in that location for that long which is why I never noticed. I still don't have a need to but it's bothering me for some reason.

When I play the note acoustically, it's not nearly as exaggerated. But the note also sustains when the string isn't vibrating. I can remove my finger still hear the note. I can barely hear those sympathetic vibrations when plugged in though. It also doesn't occur when I play that note with a slide.

Intonation is fine. My pickups aren't too high. When I searched elsewhere for this, they all pointed to wolf tones. But there's no oscillation in my case. Does anyone know what's going on here?
Dead spots can happen for a few reasons, but it's usually because a fret is uneven or worn. The ringing after you stop the string makes me wonder if the fret is starting to lift or come loose and is perhaps vibrating after the string has stopped. Fret lifting is not uncommon in springtime or if the guitar is moved between climate extremes or kept in a space with poor climate control.

Either way, I bet a fret checkup is in order.
As an aside, I've begun having the frets of my guitars superglued.

I read this some years ago and dismissed it as a cork sniffer thing:


But when I had my first PLEK job done, Gary Brawer suggested having the frets superglued first. My thinking was that since the PLEK job was fairly expensive, this step would probably help keep the frets from becoming flyers and help prevent my needing another PLEK job any time soon. I dismissed the "tone" business once again.

At this point, I'm having any guitar that's new to me PLEK'd and superglued. And as I can afford it, I'm having the rest of the herd done as well. It definitely makes a difference tonally, and I now have guitars approaching 6 years since their initial PLEK/Glue and very little has changed on the neck.
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this is an issue i've found is more common in Strats, especially lower end ones and always on the G string somewhere. How old are the strings on it?
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The more I research this, the more common I see it is. It's even in a lot of high-end instruments. It's not a fret because it moves if I change the tuning. Apparently, it's resonant phase cancellation. I read that it can be fixed by changing the resonant frequency of the neck by changing the mass. It did go away why I placed a capo on the headstock. I'll look into getting something like a Fatfinger. But I also noticed something. When I mute the string after playing it, the springs resonate in G# long after the note dies. This also happens at the 15th fret of the D-string, 9th fret of the the B-string, and 4th fret of the high E-string. But they don't die like they do on the G-string. The B-string actually has a really loud harmonic when played normally. Nothing I found talked about the trem, just the neck responance. Would messing with the springs do anything?

And why is this never talked about? There are a lot of posts about this but you have to search for them. It doesn't seem to be common knowledge.
lol yeah it has to do with the G string being an awkward in-between for wound gauge and non-wound gauge strings. What you're hearing when you play the 13th fret G# is the other side of the string behind your finger resonating a ghost G note.
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