Beginner question here:

I generally play metal/rock style songs, and this is something I've seen alot. It will have a tab that's similar to this:


How should I mute that middle string? I've tried assuming my first finger plays the 7 and third on 9, if I put my middle finger lightly on the string in between, it doesn't completely mute it. Is there a better way to get that tab to sound clean? Thank you in advance for any tips.
Mute the string in the middle with your index finger or whatever is the finger you use for the 7th fret in this example. So you normally play the octave but you mute the string in the middle with the "body" of the finger with which you fret the 7th fret.
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Billie_J is right, but just as an extra piece of advice, when you're playing octaves like that, avoid digging in too much with the pick. As a general rule you want to minimise the pick attack so you don't notice the muted string so much.
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Thank you so much guys! I've been trying to figure something out for a while. I'll give your advice a shot