This is a really cool piece. It's kinda dark and savage. The intro and build worked really well, particularly the introduction of the piano. The part where the heavy guitar kicks in sweet. I would have preferred to have more of the heavy section developed, but thats just preference.

I really like the overall feel of this track. Very well done.

Heres a link to my stuff -



The first one is an attempt at industrial metal. The second one is a newer thrash. As you have done industrial I thought I would give a choice of something you might like more, rather than just the newer thrash track.

I like the intro, it builds up very nicely. At first I thought I was a bit long, but after a second listen I've decided that the length is good as it is since it sets the mood.

I really like the "e-bowy" sound starting at 1:42 which is a great transition into the heavy part. I would have liked the heavy part to be heavier (and tighter), though. Also, it didn't really seem to go anywere. I would have liked to hear the song really take off at this point.

The outro was ok. Not great, but not bad. Once again, it didn't seem to go anywere.

Overall, I like the atmosphere and feel of the song.
Thank you for the kind review! Now your tune/video: audio quality is very good. I like the piano. The music goes well with the video & vice versa. Nice guitar work. Nice combo (video & music). I actually owned at least one Sundew plant when I was much younger. I had better luck with Venus Fly Traps. And yes, I occasionally fed the plants live bugs.

I spent a couple separate weeks at the Nevada Test Site where they set off hundreds of atomic bombs over a few decades (not when I was present). Certain areas have lots of giant craters (like the moon). The company I worked for sold a large crane-mounted drill rig (to the Nevada Test Site) that could drill holes up to 20' in diameter: the soil there is almost like solid rock. I did some custom mechanical engineering for that rig (back in the mid 80's). They never told us what they were using it for, it was classified. Hopefully Russia is not going to start WWIII, I hope Putin is bluffing.
Love the vibe of this piece right off the bat. Such a dark vibe, i love it. So well orchestrated. Vocals may have made it even better, but i keep going back and forth on that Maybe adding in like a distorted sounding foreign alarming sounding broadcast over the part where it gets heaviest, ig you could say, would maybe be neat? But honestly, it's great like it is, keep the great work up!
Yo dude, thanks for the review!

This track is cool and really underground sounding. One thing which jumped out at me though is the rhythm/riff guitar tracks, be careful with these because there was some clipping. The song is quite repetitive, but youve played around a fair amount with other instruments and not drawn it out so far, so it works. Be careful with the balance of volumes of the tracks in your mix.

Other than that, good job, keep going!
Hey dude,

First off, thanks so much for checking out my track and sharing your work here.

I like the music and video pairing. I'm not sure if this was your intention, but this track seemed a little cynical of the process of life and inevitable death. Hell I am too :p. I watched this video and listened carefully twice because I don't think I digested it fully the first time.

Moments that caught my attention:

2:00 - loved the synchronization of the explosion and the punch of the doomy guitars coming in
2:45 - very interesting transitions between the raw sounding distorted guitars and the piano
3:00 - a nice illustration of the cycle of life

Thanks for the entertainment. I hope you continue to make stuff that appeals to multiple senses like this. I wish I had the patience and skillset to do something like this. I don't really have any criticism for you here.

Cheers man!
Thanks for checking out my post and the review!

First off, great job on this piece. I love the ominous and spacey vibe, and when the piano comes in, it definitely adds another dimension to the creepy overall vibe. Overall, it was really awesome. The only critique I have was that the song could've built on and move forward with the heavy section near the end. Great work!
The intro is brilliant, even if the cello sounds a bit too mechanical. I love how the layers slowly build up, yet I feel something is wrong. The cello sound really puts me off for some reason, that's the only problem.

The piano sounds superb though, the layers are really well put together. Are these actual instruments or programmed MIDI with a VST?

The part where the drums and guitar come in are freaking amazing. Damn that is a nice riff, it doesnt sound industrial as much as stoner/doom. A few hiccups with the guitar though, and it ends sort of abruptly.

After it, it sounds a bit like as assortment of sound, maybe I am just not used to it yet. But when the drums stop most of the layers fall into place and once again that brilliant piano comes back in. Very nice fade out and finally.

A few dents and hiccups here and there but with a bit of work it can be a really solid piece.
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Yeah man, almost all instruments were midi (performed on keyboard), the cello is definitely mechanical sounding, but it was the best sounding out of them all haha.
Cheers man, thanks for the solid critique
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Yeah man, almost all instruments were midi (performed on keyboard), the cello is definitely mechanical sounding, but it was the best sounding out of them all haha.
Cheers man, thanks for the solid critique

You are very welcome, I hope to see a more finalized product.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Quote by Poisonouspot

I will critique you're track, just leave your link in the thread

Incredible mix! You gotta let me know how you did that haha! I also dig the slowly building feel to it, kinda something I like to do as well. I honestly don't even know negatives, this is seriously solid.

By the way, are those guitar-hiccups on purpose?


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Typing as I listen -

Straight away the industrial feel is there, that cello like sound is eerie and strange in a good way, the droplet effect adds a sort of distance and unknown element to the piece and sets a nice scene. The dual piano thing works really well for me, it's starting to build a real beautiful ambience. Ah, drums, very nice, good timbres, that guitar maybe comes in a little loud, but I'm digging whats going on here. The little guitar blemishes make the piece come to life, this isn't some pristine creation, it's speaks of imperfection in the music, that's what I'm getting from it anyway. Really nice tones and timbres in here, and great note choice, the almost dissonance really adds to the industrial feel of it.

Overall a great track, I really liked it, not normally my sort of vibe either.

Check mine out?

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Damn, this has a creepy vibe. Feels like the kind of whacky stuff you'd expect from Steven Wilson.

The Wilson vibes keep building throughout the track. WHen the rhythm guitars kick in, hell, feels like Porcupine Tree went post rock. The piano parts are very tastefully done, subtle but leave a lasting effect. The flow is brilliantly orchestrated.

Honestly speaking, nothing to really criticize, whether songwriting or mixing, it gets the message across very effectively.

Would make a great soundtrack for the game "Limbo"
Delicately pregnant evocations of pretty sound immediately capture my interest and fill me with a slightly ominous suspense. Fleeting hints of melodic development keep me inpatient for more, for a mighty release, that slowly rears with the searing guitar entry, until at last the orgasmic expression enters with the full band sound, an incredibly intense experience. Still the dynamic ebbs and flows, teasing me with less is more, slipping back into familiar territory and then leaving me full circle with jaded themes that shine again in their strangely reminiscent magic.
This is poetry in motion folks, a real work of art, a deep composition, a journey through strange variations. Consummately composed, arranged, performed, produced. Serious talent here, and some exquisitely beautiful, slightly disturbing, penetratingly profound music,,,,,
For a lighter shade of sound you can C4C here.