So I'm looking for a new cable and I just don't know what to get because I'm not sure what the difference is between certain cables. What effect do they have on my tone, will they boost any highs, lows, etc.?
A cable alone won't boost anything. A particularly long or poor quality cable may reduce the overall signal strength and/or certain frequencies because physics. Any reputable brand will be fine and largely indistinguishable from any other.
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I like Fatsoflex as it is better shielded plus has lifetime warranty. I've changed one after heavy gigging, no questions asked.
Honestly, you can be OK with stock GC brand cables, I've toured with GC brand which had lifetime warranty, as it was replacable at any GC as long as you keep your receipt.
Usually Neutrik connectors are recommended.
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I've heard that the Monster Rock cables are good, what would you say about that one?

Overhyped...way overhyped. It is an OK cable but definitely one of the best I've tried.

Paying premium I prefer Spectraflex Fatsoflex or Mogami but honestly, there's very little to be gained by throwing so much money on cable. The reason I like the Fatsoflex is because it is twice as thick which as a main guitar cable is harder to wiggle free and can't be as easily cut. Their regular series is also great as is Dimarzio:



These I rate about the same.

If you really want to splurge...go Mogami.

These are good and sturdy:

It is sometimes good idea to buy with lifetime warranty if you gig a lot and hold on to the receipt.
The Mogami gold series sounds like it'd be good but that Monster cable is tempting too. I'm not about to drop 50 bucks on a cable and not like it. My main concern is which one will block out feedback and not suck the tone out of my guitar most?
No cable blocks feedback, and if the cable runs aren't long and on a stage with lights and such (so EM interference) whatever half decent cable will do you good.

For less high end reduction any nice cable will do.
I myself prefer mogami over everything else for whatever application, but my decision is based upon tests conducted with 30 or so meters long cables in recording studios, so you probably are not gonna hear any difference between whatever good quality cable.

Wait, by feedback you mean noise/buz/hum?
Then the guitar electronics and grounding and p/ups and amp are gonna make a hell of a lot more difference, and even if they didn't you likely wouldn't hear the difference in noise between good quality cables.
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I'm using an EMG 81 and I took it to the shop to have it installed. I had a whole bunch of buzzing and everything when I was playing so I took it back and they said they hooked it up and played it and didn't hear anything, I also tested it and I didn't hear anything. I even used a tube amp almost exactly like mine. They assume it's my cable
Don't over think cables. And it's up to you if you want to overpay for them.

A lifetime warranty doesn't mean much to me, except that I'm paying at least a third more than the cable is worth and that I'm going to have to go back to a guitar store to get a replacement.

A long time ago I learned to make up my own cables (it's dirt easy -- less fussy than restringing the guitar -- and highly recommended). These days I order up some bulk Canare cable from a supplier like Markertek, along with a bunch of Neutrik ends, and spend an evening making up a bag of various-length cables. Generally, Canare and Mogami provide top of the line cable (and is what you'll find in the expensive brands not named Monster) and Neutrik ends are at the top of the game as well. You'll save a ton of money, have great cables, know how to fix them if something should get screwed up, and have backup cables when you need them without a run to the local GC.
The total capacitance of a guitar cable with high output impedance inductive passive pickups forms part of a harmonic circuit to the first buffer or amp. This shifts the resonant peak frequency of the pickup and frequency of the high end roll off from the second order low pass filter. Then there are different shielding types for EM rejection and microphonics and varying handling properties and varying effectiveness of strain relief types for the connectors.

Then there is also a lot of hifi market related snake oil like gold plating, silver plating etc.

Best Guitar Cables Explained

Hope this helps.



Edit: Have just noticed OP second posting referring to use of active pickups. Capacitance is of negligible significance with active pickups and after buffers. Feedback is not a guitar cable related causality. Shield issues with cables could cause buzz, and hum is typically related to ground loops or mains hum interference near to cables. Check Youtube for examples of unearthed guitar issues, 60Hz/50Hz mains hum to assist with establishing cause. Any properly made guitar cable with an active pickup will let you know if the cable is an issue. No guitar cables are any good at mains hum rejection from transformers etc. due to interference strength, wavelengths involved. With active pickups ignore all marketing regarding the 'sound' of cables as capacitance is the thing that makes the difference, and is only relevant to passive pickups.
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I even used a tube amp almost exactly like mine.
Yours may simply have a very microphonic pre tube.
You might wanna check for that.

What cable are you using now?
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They assume it's my cable
You trust the same employees that sell guitars and amps in everyday musical instruments shops?

Your life will be a bit more difficult but a hell of a lot better if you stop doing that.
Name's Luca.

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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.
Livewire Elite is the perfect balance of price and quality. I have Mogamis. They are as overhyped as everything else. After a certain price point (around $25), price to quality ratio completely drops off, and there is definitely no tonal improvement or whatever bullshit GC sales will tell you.

Mogami and Live Wire both have lifetime no questions asked warranties at GC, so those are the best options. Live Wire is a lot cheaper, so do the math.
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I use Switchcraft jacks, and cable from besttronics that out-specs any moogami. It takes more time for my soldering station to heat up than to do a few cables.
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Ya know, I have never been in a Guitar Center. Lol I will probably just get the Mogami cable then since it's gonna save me 20 bucks and from what I've researched the Monster Rock and Mogami cable don't look very different
@Pierced - with active pickups cable starts to make even less of a difference as you already have a built in preamp. I've noticed some tonal differences with cables on especially lower input single coil and soapbar pickups, but nothing that a minor eq tweak cannot fix. I still think expensive cables are overkill. You might also be driving the gain of your amp too high or might have bad electrical mains (dirty electricity) that are providing the hum in your house.

I'm no physicist but copper wire with steel tip and copper wire with steel tip that has been dunked in a little gold solution changes very little in signal flow, as the majority of you cable remains the copper wire. Look at electro-conductivity and you'd see that they're quite close to each other, so the little gold tip makes little difference, especially considering that the solder used in both the gold tipped jacks and steel jacks is the same and that is your break point in both cases. So overall, the whole cable quality, boils down to the insulation, which again in decent generic brands is good enough.

It is quite possible that they did a bad installation and are now either too ignorant to know it or too lazy to redo it. It has happened, my buddy had GC put in Mustaine active pickups (Seymour Duncan) in his guitar and they completely botched the installation, which after he was told was done right I had to redo and fix.

If you want to drop the big bucks on cable, I'm not one to stop you but that money is much better spent elsewhere. If you want to prove us wrong, along with that Mogami cable, go ahead and humor me and get one of the ones I recommended and lets talk after you compare them.
I've been thinking of switching my EMG to a JB. I prefer the JB's sound but do not know how noisy it would be. I haven't dealt with passives in a long time. If I switched to a passive would it be worth my time to switch cables? Not saying the cable depends on the type of pickup but should I just go ahead and buy the JB then think about switching to a new cable?
Oh and it's definitely not my gain. That's usually at 4 or 6 o'clock depending on the volume I'm playing
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I'd say see after the pickup switch, I'd say that after middle of the road cables like Dimarzio (I posted link above), you won't see any discernible difference.
Thanks a lot man, you really helped! I decided to get a Full Shred in the neck and a JB in the bridge, then I shall look at a cable after that all happens. That'll be a wicked combo.

Sick cover too! \m/