Okay so I recently decided to go play in my church's band again and I'm trying to acquire pedals to best match that style of play again (which is like slightly overdriven delays and then a heavier overdrive for huge power chord sounds).

I plan on running two overdrives and already have a tubescreamer to use as the first stage (lighter) gain.

I need help picking my second overdrive. I've looked up demos and really like the CMAT Signa Drive and the Earthquaker White Light. Does anybody have experience with both or one of them and could provide insight on one of these pedals? Or any other suggestions?

I use a Les Paul Custom or a Fender Classic 50's Stratocaster. I don't use my amp at church, I use theirs... which is a Vox AC30 if that helps any.

Cmat is a suped up screamer. Go Earthquaker the white light was very nice sounding and is different flavor than the tubescreamer variety. Worked good as a boost as well as a dedicated drive.
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I'd go DOD 250 or DS-1 as they seem to be a little on the fizzy side and edging towards distortion.
You could also try Tech21 Double Drive:
and you would just need only one overdrive and can save 3 different levels. This would work fantastic in your situation, is all analog and built like a tank.
If you get this you can sell the Tubescreamer and come out almost even.
+1^ and I do believe the white light is a variation of the dod 250 I think.
Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb 50 series 2 combo
Randall RM100
Peavey 5150 4x12
Peavey XXX 2x12 combo
I use a Soul Food with a RAT after for my P&W rig. It doesn't have to be 2 OD's, an OD and a distortion stacked sounds nice. Although I like what I hear from the White Light, I'm not sure if it will be enough. Stacked with the screamer it might give you what you want. I'd put the screamer after the White Light.
If you're happy with your TS, the Cmat will be redundant.

I'm not familiar with the White Light, but it's Earthquaker, so it's probably pretty great. Have you checked out the Monarch? It's supposedly pretty dynamic, I think.
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