Sorry guys this post might seem very whiny....

Well to start, I've been teaching myself guitar for 2 years. Idk if you guys ever heard of Justin Guitar? But that's the website I use. Anyways, I feel that my technique is definitely better than it in the beginning but there are somethings that worry me still. I still feel awkward while playing. I constantly shift around in my seat to find a comfortable position (which I can never find), until I just give up and force myself to play through an uncomfortable position because I find no solution. For example, I'm trying to get better at power chord palm-muting, I feel I get the sound I want, but still in the most uncomfortable position. My right shoulder hurts while learning palm muting, I try siting up straight, or adjusting my position but it still feels weird. Idk if I should get a teacher to fix this problem for me, but 1) I doubt I can afford it, and 2) I wouldn't even know where to find a good one.

P.S. sorry again I know I complain a lot but i feel like something is wrong in my playing even after trying to fix it. I really like guitar and just want to get better.

Well, this is odd. You should not feel discomfort or pain while playing, so there is something wrong with your posture.

I cannot say much, since I have not seen you play, and you have not been very descriptive as well.

The advice I always try to give is to watch your posture, and to play relaxed. You cannot make a huge effort/strenght to play, or to fret. You should also relax your shoulders.

Rest the side of your picking hand on the bridge. There is no need for tension on your upper arm/shoulder. Picking is done, mostly, with your wrist.

If you cannot afford a teacher, maybe a friend can help you watch your posture?

Sorry I can't be of any more help than this.

This problem seems more complicated to me then what meets the eye so get to posting that video.
You might also want to try standing up while playing. Most people spend too much time sitting down anyway, and it's a lot easier to have bad posture when sitting.

Also, are you sitting on a chair with arms? That can make things very awkward trying to play guitar sitting down. On those type of chairs I basically have to sit on the edge of my seat so they don't get in the way.

Another thing to consider is "modern" versus "classical" playing position. Modern is where you rest the guitar on your leg, classical is more resting in between them (basically securing the guitar from both directions). Certain people will find one or the other very awkward. I basically can't play guitar at all if I try to use the "modern" way.

It's hard to tell for sure without actually seeing what you are talking about though.
When I sit and play I have a guitar strap on, I know it's dorkie but it helped me.
I can just play,instead of trying to hold the guiatr on my lap and all that,
And when I stand up the guiatr is the same level I can play standing and siting,