im going to try and be as blunt and helpful to you as i can:

start recording to a metronome if you arent already, and if you are, then I'd say work on getting tighter or just better at editing it to SOUND tighter. Not to say its bad, its just loose at points in a way that doesnt seem intentional. I like the song ideas, but as a product, it needs polishing. It sounds like you may be recording with a laptop mic. If so I'd highly recommend you invest in an interface and a decent condenser mic. I use the rhode nt1a for pretty much everything and its yet to do me dirty. the mix...theres a harsh ambiance to all of this, and honestly I think its cool but it needs to once again be tightened. cut out the problem frequencies, do a little reading on mixing I swear itll help you. as far as arrangement goes, I do feel that it all seems very empty with just guitars. I'd recommend you find a way to at least incorporate some sort of percussion. when In doubt, I personally default on using my djembe just to lay down something chill to keep the pace, like something to metaphorically drag your ears along the sound waves of the melody..if that makes any sense. Also, isolation is important, you'll want to cut out bleed between tracks and use headphones.

tl;dr, just clean up the mix/timing a bit. the songs as a foundation are cool but the presentation is not selling me. take care!

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Hey there.

I would agree with what was said above. The composition is nice - I like the feel of it and enjoy listening to it. The problem is in the presentation. This track sounded like theres running water in the background (it made me need a piss part way through). I assume this is a sample rate/conversion issue (or maybe you have a fountain in your recording space ). Anyhow, use of different equipment and/or some mix trickery could reduce/remove such issues.

I dont know what you are using to record hardware and software wise so it's difficult to try and advise where to improve. There is a lot of free software out there that could help polish things up a little (free eq plugins, compressors, gates etc). I am far from being good at it myself but if you want advice then it may be worth posting up what you currently use and hopefully people can make some suggestions.


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