Hello all. I am finally at the phase of being able to get more gear, and I've been working on getting some pedals off of eBay. I have done quite a bit of reading on the order they should go in, but I am looking for some input from everyone here. I am still also debating whether or not to use the amps effects loop, or if I should just throw them all in front and be done with it. My particular style (ambient / space guitar) allows me a lot of room for modifying pedal order, I do like to play a bit of Gilmour/Floyd and RUSH as well.

Tell me what you think, and what changes you would make if this were your pedal board. I am open to any suggestions. I'm sure you can spot something in the list that might not make sense to you.

Guitar (Epi LP Plustop Pro FX)
Ernie Ball 250k mono (Boss TU-2) out of the tuner port
Decimator II G String
Dunlop GCB-95
Boss CS-2
Fulltone OCD
Ibenez TS9DX
Boss BD-2
Boss ST-2
Big Muff Pi
Amp (Peavy TransFex Pro 212s)

Effects Loop from Amp:
MXR Phase 90
Boss CH-1
Boss BF-3
Boss PH-3
Electric Mistress
Boss CE-5
Boss TE-2
Boss DC-3
MXR Noise Clamp
Boss RT-20
TC Nova Delay

Possibly put them all in front except the RT-20 and Delay?

Thanks in advance, everyone! Keep on rockin'!

**edit** Forgot to add, I have a Boss GE-7 to go in here somewhere.
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That's a lotta frickin' pedals! I'd put the delay in the loop and that's it, that's how I've grown to like my setup but I never have more than 6-8 pedals on my board, (not saying there's anything wrong with a shit ton of pedals, go crazy, just explaining my perspective). I'd line 'em up in front, side by side. Maybe break off the side of a wooden ladder for a pedalboard.
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Wow. Put the delay(s) in the loop for sure. Try the Wah and some of the modulation pedals in the loop too. I think the RT would go in the loop too. EQ in loop.

TBH I don't know why you need so many pitch mods... to each his own I guess. Although for ambient stuff, generally your board is overloaded with reverbs and delays, I don't see a reverb at all.
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Quote by Will Lane
Although for ambient stuff, generally your board is overloaded with reverbs and delays, I don't see a reverb at all.

I actually just sold my EH Holy Grail, and I'm looking at the TC Electronic HoF. I have the Tera Echo in there too!
First of all, you have a lot of redundant pedals. I would place the Phase 90 before any overdrive and distortion.

You have no need of using 2 noise suppresor units. With around 20 pedals, You will be running into noise problems. I would heavily suggest using true bypass loopers and group the pedals in a convienient way.

The EQ I would place it the first pedal in the effects loop to shape the post preamp tone.
if i was you i'd be looking into a programable midi setup using rack gear or a good multi-fx unit. not th eadvice i normally give cuz i'm a pedal guy but that is a lot of pedals and a lot of places for something to go wrong. using loops to seperate fx is a good idea to, passing your guitar signal through that big of a chain with that many buffers may casue some tone loss. i would put the time based fx in the loop for sure. the wah out front and probably the phaser and flanger as well. expeiment with placement as that will yield options soundwise. i would try the phaser and maybe the flanger fist in the chain and see how that goes.