Hello guys whats up? i have an jay turser 7 strings guitar, i love it, its dam brutal e i feel very confortable playing, but i have to say that i feel the sound too dark...i want more treble and life on it, so i saw that my capacitor is 0,47 uf...i bought an oil capacitor that is 0,15uf but it didnt arrived yet...what happens if i remove the 0,47 uf and leave it without a capacitor? will it be more bright?
Darkness is better solved by turning the treble up on your amp, a graphic EQ pedal, a pickup swap, or putting in 1 meg pots. Cap swapping or removal will offer a less than significant difference.
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Cap swapping will make a little bit of difference. It's going to effect how your guitar sounds when you have the tone pot rolled down more then when it's wide open
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
If the tone control is max'd, changing the cap will not make any difference.
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hum so i need to change the pots to 1 meg? i removed the capacitor and now it looks really bright now....ill try with an 0,015uf pio capacitor just for test purposes, what i can say is that without the capacitor its really more bright even with the full pot all open.
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If the tone control is max'd, changing the cap will not make any difference.

he speaketh thy truth.

they only real change what it is like while it is rolling back.

get 1 meg pots.
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It will make a difference with the pot wide open, I Changed the one in my 1966 Harmony for the same reason a while back. It always didn't get enough treble for me so I finally decided to swap it out. I changed it 3 times I think before I finally settled on one I liked.

If it started out with 0.47 you'll probably get good results with around 0.22, the 0.15 might work fine, might be a bit too much treble, depends on what you want. I think I wound up with a 0.39 in my Harmony. Usually the most common ones are .47 and .22. If .47 is too dark, try .22, in my case that was too bright. I almost never use my tone controls, everything is always on 10, volume pedal for volume control. It definitely will make a difference at 10.

Here's a good article about tone caps in guitars.

Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
What you could do is open the pot and cut the end of the resistive strip so that when it's turned up all the way, the tone control is disconnected. Then when you turn it down it would connect again and work like normal.
I think they call that a no load pot.
If you don't ever use the tone control, you'll brighten up the tone more by just removing the tone control from the circuit entirely than you will by changing the capacitor, which doesn't come into play very much at all when the tone control is turned up to 10 anyway.

Alternatively, if you want a brighter tone but still want the function of the tone pot, use 1 meg pots.
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Thanks alot guys..ill look for these 1 meg pots, bu the way the capacitors didnt arrived yet but when they arrive ill tell you wich one i choosed...you guys rocks...lets keep talking about this, its very informative for everyone. Ill look for those meg pots too!
I've decided to up the ante on guitar capacitors. I'm getting unbelievable tone by working with more than one capacitor at a time:

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I've decided to up the ante on guitar capacitors. I'm getting unbelievable tone by working with more than one capacitor at a time:


Well now serious, ive tested 6 capacitors, and it really changed my sound with the tone knob open!!!

choosed an oil capacitor with 0,22 uf...and installed treble bleed mod...it totally changed my guitar sound....these are cheap options that must be looked at everytime you need an good change on guitar, its more agressive than never now!!