I ordered an Oak Grigsby standard 5 way switch(non super switch). I've never wired up a switch like this before (only 3 way switches, both standard gibson style, and import 3 way blade switches), I found a schematic on stewmac for a CRL switch. Are the wiring schemes the same? Or are some of the prongs in a different order?

Here's the schematic I found: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Pickups_and_Electronics/5-way_CRL_Lever_Switch.html
good choice with one of those selectors, for CRL or oak grigsby. I've been wanting to try a schaller megaswitch but all my guitars have 3 way toggles.

These are surprisingly easy so you have 8 contacts. 1350 and they repeat because there are two poles on the switch as you can see there is 4 contacts side by side on the USA ones. They would represent:

so the pole on the left

and the second pole on the right

what this means is simple. Position 1 = 1 , position 3 = 3 ..and so on
on a 5 way switch position 2 is using both 1 and 3 on a pole , so naturally 4 is 3 and 5

so why do we have two poles? just in case you want tone knobs or complex mods. On my strat harnesses I usually solder the second pole 1/3/5 together as I do 2 band EQ (a master and independent bass and treble cut for all 3 pickups on a strat as the TBX is either or)

and finally what does 0 do? simple it activates the pole , so without the "0" going to the hot lead of your volume (lets say) it will not activate the pole and you'll have no signal .

the best wiring site I recommend for strats and all is
for pickup color codes guitarelectronics.com has you covered

for more complex wirings

I am to the point I don't look at wiring diagrams myself and just do it myself , youtube and seymour duncan diagrams helped out big time. Good luck with this though hopefully i could help.
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