Hello UG,

So my father gave me his old acoustic ibanez he says its from the 70's/80's and I was hoping u knew a few things about it.

Model: v - 300
Made in Japan
SN: 0031940

I really like the sound but is this generally considered a good sounding guitar? I already found whats it worth. The only thing i couldnt find was when it was made, the ibanez dating machine didnt give any results. So I hope you will know more!

I also want to put some money in it, is that worth it though?

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The geometry of acoustic guitars deteriorates with age, due to string tension. This means that it might not be possible to get the action low without major work, that is, a neck reset. Even if it is possible to reset the neck on that guitar, the cost might be around $500 (here it is about Oz$500). I think it would have to have a lot of sentimental value to be worth spending that. So my suggestion is to get it looked over for major structural problems by a good acoustic technician.

If it did have sentimental value and bad geometry, I personally would convert it to lap steel, because that is one of my interests.