No direction but to sink or float,
So I'll follow what I know
I'll trust that my instincts
Will choose my direction
And consequences will reflect
Off the scales of my back.

I realized I'm a stranger until I'm invited
You haven't given me permission
To know your secrets and thoughts.

Love is claimed,
It is stolen
And it is broken.
I have no concept of what it is,
So how the hell can I describe it.
All I know is it represents
A will to be sacrificed.
I am not willing to die for anyone
So I don't know love.
This is something I'm going to have to read a few times, come back to a few days later, read it 7 more times, come back 3 days later at 3:00AM and only begin to fathom how much complexity this piece has. I like it. Very cool.
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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