Hi guys, havent really been posting on here a lot lately, lifes been keeping me pretty busy, but i finally had a little free time today, so i decided to make a new guitar video. This is just a quick jam for fun. I would love to know what you guys think!!!


As always, Ill c4c


Jake P
Amazing, dude, the only thing I would change is at a certain point the volume level of the backing track just so I could better hear your playing. I'll check your yt channel or profile here to see if you have some more videos (y).
really nice man, you're playing is remarkably clean. The tone is really nice too bro, can't really fault you're playing, the vibrato is good, all the whammy bar parts are interesting, overall great track man, I'd love to hear the solo in the context of a full song!
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Great job man, you're really good, I hope I'll reach this level one day. the only thing you can improve is your framing but i'm teasing haha.

Cheers !

Pretty cool soloing, one thing that I might say is for improv try and explore more of the fretboard. You do branch out a little, but the majority of it you play in the same sort of 4/5 fret span of the neck. Your playing is real clean, which is good, and you have good technique. Improvise more to get used to improvising in different areas of the neck and you will become more comfortable with exploring a wider pitch range of the guitar

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