Hello. Some teachers have a backing track of Uptown Funk. They want to record their voices over it. They don't have an interface or DAW. I think they just want to show up at school w/ an the backing track in mp3 or wav form and somehow record their voices over this. Is there a quick and dirty way to do this? Thanks.
The music room idea would probably work better than a camcorder with a mic. I'll have her reach out to the music teacher. I'm assuming that there is some way of importing the mp3 into the mixer and just connecting mics to the mixer.
You'll have to provide mp3 player with 1/8 to rca stereo connector (most likely) or a CD, then that signal will be blended at the mixer with mics for the live singers, then that signal needs to be recorded into something, which is where the music teacher should come in.

If you'd like, just contact local studios, I'm sure someone could do it fairly cheap, I would've done that session for $50.