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I have several Guitars all with one problem, keeping them in tune.

I am presently trying to record a couple of tracks but my Guitar keeps going out of tune especially the 'B' string.

They are not old strings and the Guitar I am using is a Fender Strat.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cure this?
most likely a nut problem. the strings get caught up in the nut and go out of tune. has your guitar had a good setup recently? the other thing on some strats is the string trees can interfere with tuning as well. get some nut sauce to lubricate the nut. make sure the strings are as straight as possible.
I know its a basic thing, but stretching the strings out enough whilst retuning etc does really help.
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With any guitar....Make sure the string isn't binding in the nut. Do you hear a little "ping" when tuning? That's it.
A little graphite may help.

Also, make sure the strings are correctly applied to the tuning peg...Not too many wraps and evenly applied...Not crossed over each other.
The tremolo on Strats can be problematic...Make sure everything is adjusted properly and that spring tension is sufficient.
Make sure the action is set properly. Too high at the upper frets can result in "pulling the string sharp" as it's fretted.
Also always tune up to the note each string needs to be, never tune down to it and leave it there. If a string is sharp, drop it below the proper note and tune up. Never down. That leaves the possibility it can stretch, tuning up removes that option.

Don't fret too hard. I found out a few years ago I was fretting the strings so hard I was pulling a lot of note sharp, and thought it was something wrong with the guitar. I went through the setup a dozen times, nothing wrong. Then I realized checking intonation one night I was getting different readings without changing anything. Just the fretting pressure was causing me to pull strings sharp. I still do it some, but not as much. It's a really difficult habit to break, especially after doing it 50 years.

I string all my guitars by cutting the string about 1 1/2 inches longer than the tuning peg, I leave about 1/2 inch tag end after I put it through the hole. This leaves 2 to 3 wraps usually, the first turn on top of the tag end, the others below it. I've been using this method over 20 years with no problems at all, I can let my guitars sit untouched for a week and have only very minor fine tuning to do.

This is what my acoustic E string looks like right now.

IMGP68640 by Paleo Pete, on Flickr

That's 2 1/2 wraps, works great every time. All the other comments here are good, check your setup, use some graphite in the nut slots, maybe widen them slightly, I put roller string trees on my strat long ago.
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