Hey dudes,

I know some people will use guitar pedals with basses, and I was wondering if it can damage the pedals. I totally assume not, I figured it's better to ask though.

I am aware that modulation works typically well, and overdrive can either sound good or perfectly awful, due to the lack of eq for the low end.

It also saves money instead of buying pedals for each.

I'll be trying a Paul C Timmy, Fulltone Fd2MOS, Boss DD20, TC Elec HOF, and maybe other random effects.
A bass is perfectly safe for guitar pedals. That said, many guitar pedals turn a bass sound to poop. It’s best to search YouTube for demo videos before you buy. Also, bass pedals tend to handle guitar better than some guitar pedals handle bass. Some, like the Bass Soul Food and Bass Big Muff from EHX, are intended to work well with both.
Yeah, they'll be allright and you'll not break everything, but the resulting sound may well suck.
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