Just bought this 65-watt Peavey Express 112 from a seller on Kijiji today. It was marked at $125, talked him down to $110 (which, according to the little bit of Googling I did, is an absolute steal!). I've been playing for a pretty long time, but embarrassingly enough, I've never actually owned an amp any louder than a 15-watt practice amp. I've always either borrowed bigger amps from bandmates and friends, or used other bands' amps at gigs. This is my first amp that's got the potential to be big enough to hold its own with a drummer.

Back in high school, our music room had the exact same model of amp, and it was loud enough to be heard over drums, bass, keyboards, and even a couple dozen kids blaring wind instruments, so I'm pretty confident this will hold up to a small pub gig. Obviously, I won't be playing Madison Square Gardens with something this small, but it finally feels like I'm moving on up in the amp world! Despite how small it is, it's actually pretty damn loud. It'll rattle the windows in this house with ease.

The fact that this was my high school guitar amp is also really cool, too. It's the sound of my youth! Even if it ain't perfect, I'm gonna find a way to totally rock this shit

I'll be running seven- and eight-string Ibanezes through it. I tested it out with the RG8, and surprisingly, it crushed. I wasn't expecting it to hold the bottom end so well, but this thing's got great tone for what it is.

Oh! And it came with the footswitch, definitely a bonus!

It's actually so much bigger than it looks in pictures, but it's smaller than it sounds.

So stoked right now. I finally own an amp as big as my ambitions! Took me way too long to get to this point with my rig, so it's all uphill from here
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Quote by monwobobbo
dunno if i'd call $110 a steal but ok.

Well, I did take a look on Google and saw them going for like $200-300ish on Kijiji ads, but that's the slightly newer "TransTube" model, so you may be right on this one. Can't find too much info on this older model, but around the neighbourhood of $100CDN seems to be about the going rate.

Either way, I'm too stoked for this. I should have bought an amp like this a long, long time ago.
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
I'm assuming it amplifies the signal from your electric guitar, so, HNAD! Doing your own thing is invaluable, afterall.
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HNAD. Old Peaveys are awesome
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