I use ChordPulse to create my own karaoke music tracks. I just acquired a TC Helicon Harmony Singer unit, and I'm wanting to record the harmony vocals WITHOUT the lead voice. If I use two mics to my PA, with one phase-reversed at the pins, will they cancel each other out? I would run one mic through the Harmony singer, getting the three voices out to one XLR input of the PA, and the other mic straight to a second XLR input.
I'm thinking the result would be a canceling of the lead voice, while keeping the two harmony voices. Anyone know enough about this to tell me?
I use a Digitech Vocalist II harmony pedal. On mine there is a knob that blends the live mic with the harmony vocals like a balance control. Turn all the way to the left and there is no harmony coming out of the output just the microphone itself. Turn it to the right and you get the harmony without any of the microphone's live sound. If your software doen't have a control like that I would suggest a used Digitech Vocalist or a TC Helicon that will do it. The Digitech's a less expensive than the TC Helicon but works fine.
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Ideally yes, but in reality the result will not at all be perfect.

Using that trick would most likely take away part of your harmonies, and that is because of all the imprecisions and small flaws introduced by your mixer and fx processor and stuff.

It will probably work good enough, but mind that the article you posted assumes everything's "ideal", while in reality these things don't work as good as they're supposed to.
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