Hiya people of the world!

So, I finally picked up a guitar again. Been around 8 years since I first started jamming, and I haven't been playing ever since. I know nothing about guitar setups at all! I googled my way through some forums, but I did not find any good answers. I'm playing mostly rock & metal style.

So, my question is! What kind of setup is the best way to go? Amps, pedals etc? I currently own an Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic.

Looking forward to hearing from you guitar gurus!
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I don't quite understand, are you looking for advice on an amp? Most heard advice on this forum is either the Vypyr 60 or a Jet City (like the JCA22H), but all depends on your preferences. Things like budget and where you live (might limit availability).

My advice is to get a good amp first, before looking for pedals
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If you don't plan on playing in bands you don't really need an amp. I've had a Marshall forever but for the past couple of years I've been playing through my effects pedal with headphones (decent quality of course) plugged in the back and it sounds great. However, like icanhasgodmode said, your budget will play a major role. I personally would recommend a mult-effects box. I myself have a Boss ME-50 and this allows me to fabricate hundreds of different sounds from insanely distorted metal to acoustic clean to jazzy. I think my Boss is a bit outdated but if you get something like that you can tune in almost exactly the sound you want without the necessity of trying out 50 different pedals and ten different amps. I haven't tried it myself but I've heard good things about Line-6, half of the time I find an amazing guitarist on YouTube with a great sound people ask what they use and their response is some kind of Line-6 product.