I need a versatile amp to play in my bedroom without causing my neighbours to complain. My guitar is a Fender Standard Strat HSS. Any ideas?
Couple thousand threads (okay, that's an exaggeration, but...) on the topic of bedroom amps already available here.

The only one guaranteed not to cause your neighbors to complain is one that runs into headphones and not into a speaker. This can range anywhere from an Axe-FX II Plus Uber to a Kemper to a Pod to a Korg Pandora to any of the bunch of practice gizmos (dannyalcatraz has a photo with a number of them).

Most of these can be run into a decent set of recording monitors (mine run into a nothing-fancy set of KRK Rokit 8's with 100W each built in amplification) if you want to hear them without the headphones, and into any kind of powered speaker cabinet, etc., beyond that.
orange thunderverb and a pair of 4x12"s.

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no. really. get a POD and a pair of monitors or headphones, you will have total control of your volume, and it will be versatile.
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