Okay, so first and foremost: there is a crit my mix thread stickied here where this stuff belongs. I'm gonna give you feedback anyway, because I have a minute:

Instruments are blended with vocals just fine. If there's bass, I can't hear it. Are the drums real? Just curious - they sound great either way.

I'm not familiar with the original - is that awful noise in the background in the beginning guitar feedback or what?

There's a little too much reverb in general on everything, I know it seems cool at first but it's made things a little too muddy if you ask me. Maybe dial that back?

That said, this is a perfectly shareable lo-fi cover, so yeah, good job!
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Thanks a lot man!

I didn't mean to mess things up here, I'm just kinda new kid on the block here.

That awful noise in the background is me trying to imitate the sound of a plane taking off by dragging the pick against the strings.

The drums are a Garage band loop and yes, there is no bass. But I tried to make up for it by putting in an extra guitar track with the low frequencies slightly emphasized.

Very good point about the reverb thing, thank you! I sensed that there was something off but couldn't quite put my finger on it and you pointed it out straight away.

Promise to shape up in the future and not post things where they don't belong!!!

But I tried to make up for it by putting in an extra guitar track with the low frequencies slightly emphasized.

To me, this just sounds like a surefire way to muddy the mix
Quote by jmako
To me, this just sounds like a surefire way to muddy the mix

I agree with this. The guitar should cut through the mix at the higher frequencies. Adding an extra guitar with the low end turned up isn't going to fill the sonic space normally occupied by a bass guitar, it will just make things sound muddy. In my opinion you're better off leaving out that extra guitar and just accepting the fact that you don't have a bass guitar in there.

If I were you I would turn the guitars down just a bit. They overpower the vocals a little bit in my opinion. Maybe make a subtle change there, nothing too drastic. And maybe my previous point would help with that?

Lastly, I would turn up the kick drum a decent amount. It gets buried once the song gets going.

That's my advice anyway, everyone has different preferences when it comes to mixing
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Genosis and jmako, thank you very much guys for your feedback.

Now I will know better than to spread guitar frequencies out wide.

As for the guitars overpowering the vocals, I had a hard time finding a good sonic balance between the guitars and the vocals because the record kept sounding different on different devices and that was the only stable combination I was able to find. I tried to achieve a balance by evening out the volume levels but failed miserably, so I just turned up the higher end to get that 'bite' and it began to feed into the vocals too much.

Since I did the whole thing using my ipad mini, I had no control over my drum set as I was using a pre-recorded loop which you can only mike using a single microphone. But I think I understand where you are coming from. That's the story of all my i-pad recordings - the kick drum getting lost when things get loud. I'll add in an extra, manual, track with the kick next time.

Thank you very much guys, your comments were really helpful in many respects!