Hello guys

In the past weeks I have been practicing scale runs a lot, but I ran into a problem... finger positioning.

So lets say you are playing a major scale, which finger do you use for the second note? Middle or ring finger?
Hey Zebedal,

I have been playing guitar for quite some time now, around 7 years. I'm not the best, or most advanced guitar players, but I know my way around some scales and fingerings.
Typically I use both, depending on which note is closer to my index finger.

Say on the low E string your index finger is on fret 1, if I have to hit 2 or 3, I will use my middle finger. However if it is around fret 4-5, I would use my ring finger.

Some may like it different ways or all the same.
If the fingering doesn't seem natural to me I'll usually use whichever finger (of the two options) requires the biggest stretch. Kind of like conditioning so that when I encounter something that really needs that stretch, my fingers will be prepared.