Any other ESP owners in here? Show me your gear! I recently made the step from LTD to ESP with this beauty. Purchased from Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals (Favourite guitarist and favourite band). It feels nice to finally make the jump from LTD to ESP, especially with the history of my Horizon.

Open to any brand under the ESP umbrella (LTD, Edwards etc)
RIP Tom Searle.
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you should include Edwards, Navigator, LTD and all the cool kids. just sayin'.

nice ESP!
I think you're right, good sir. I shall edit my post.

And thanks
RIP Tom Searle.

I'm in!

Also got a less-exciting LTD 7 string.
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I used to be in big time, but I sold them all. Keep em comming though, I love a nice ESP in the morning. ESPescially if it has nice WOOD
Washburn USA Custom Shop

Mustaine Sig, wanted a V and got for £300 less than retail after he moved to Dean guitars. Best V I could find for the money.

Got this after I couldn't get my hands on a limited edition burled walnut prestige Ibanez from 2008ish. They now offer it on the Premium range so there's an option for the future if I still want one.

I'm likin' this! Now if only I had something other than my beat-to-shit Viper baritone.........and a working camera for that matter.......
My M-II deluxe. ESP is love, ESP is life.
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I have an ESP Horizon NT7. Love that thing.
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