Hey everyone if I took the 24 fret neck off my dkmg would I be able to put it on a rrxmg or js32 rhoads body? they both come with 24 frets so I don't see why not but I just wanna make sure. Thanks.
Should be fine I'd think. Same fret, same scale... As long as it fit the neck pocket right.. can always try it and find out.
I agree the only concern is the neck pocket and the holes lining up.

I loved the DKMG myself I had a DKMGT the extra letter being the T stood for turbocharger it was a late 90s model with an active gain preamp in it to boost the signal 20db - 25db. Think it was pre-fender owned era of Jackson.
I have the dkmg with the emg hz and gain boost it is the most comfortable neck I've ever played but I love the v body. So if it didn't fit the neck pocket and the screws don't line up what would I have to do?
Not much you could do honestly. If it's a size problem either add shims or expand the pocket. Screw holes could possibly be redrilled but, you're either compromising the structure or the finish...